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Life of Motobunny!

Motobunny is special to me because he is one of my alter ego characters.

I like to create characters that possess exemplified personality aspects of myself or have personality traits that I always desired to have.

Growing up in a conservative Christian Korean household, l had restrictions and social expectations to behave in a certain manner. I longed for more “eventful” moments in life where I can act without thinking about any pressures or responsibilities. I also moved around a lot - growing up in 4 countries, going to 8 different schools-and I felt sometimes lost and unsure of who I am or where I can truly “settle” down. 


Motobunny reflects these qualities where he is the complete opposite behavior of control, and acts out wildly doing any kind of crazy behavior he wants. He is always on the “move” with his motorcycle, never settling down anywhere for too long, just like how my family was growing up. This is an interactive game developed in Unity, November 2022.

Purple Satin
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