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AI and Humans:
Tact Project

Under Dr. Erik Harpstead's guidance, our team has been exploring the topic of asymmetric cooperation in multiplayer game settings. However, what happens when AI is introduced into this system to directly cooperate with human players? Will human players be able to identify the AI agent? How will their dynamics change? Can AI agents truly cooperate with humans to progress and solve given tasks?   

A project in collaboration with the CMU Human Computer Interaction Institute and Georgia Tech, our team presented this project at

Foundations of Digital Games conference 2023 held in Lisbon, Portugal.  

The duration of this project was from Sept 2022 to May 2023.


I worked as the main level designer and 3D artist who was tasked with building the environment we would test the AI agents in.


Our team created a four player multiplayer asymmetric cooperative cooking game where each player has a kitchen. Players must utilize the conveyor belts connecting the kitchens to communicate and cooperate to complete the given recipes in time. Here are some of the work below, as well as an UI/UX video by our teammate Kat to explain the dynamics of the game. 

Context 1.png
Context 2.png
Context 4.png
Context 8.png
Context 3.png
Context 6.png
Context 7.png
Context 5.png

"What's Cooking" rules tutorial: 

The AI is currently being implemented into our project with collaborative efforts from the Georgia Tech team. Our team is also refining another asymmetric cooperative game environment to make more testing conditions for the AI agents.


Check out more of the progress in the Tact Phase Two page! 

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